Finding "my thing"

My name is Najeya Stremouchiw but I prefer to be called Narhjee (pronouced Naajee). I'm a young passionate busy mumma to a pretty faced, demanding, 4 year-old daughter.

In my time spent of being a single mum and struggling financially, I often found myself stressed out and stuck in the ideas lane behind all the other single mothered cars in the beautiful area that I live, Byron Bay. The constant thoughts that crossed my mind when confronted with the daily pressures to provide for my daughter were:

  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • What is "my thing"?
  • How am I going to afford to raise this child that wants a treat or new toy every time I leave the house?
  • My arse is to big to be a stripper and I respect myself to much to rent it out.
  • Do I study? But I hate studying.

Oh, cleaning is good money! But I don’t want to be cleaning toilets for a living. Well guess what? That's exactly what I'm doing now. We all have to start somewhere, right? And hey, it’s paying for my child to attend school and for the collection of unicorns with sparkly hair she combs every morning. Happy child, happy life!

Well thanks to the cleaning job, it has pushed me to search harder to find "my thing". And while trying to find "my thing", I also found an amazing, inspiring and supportive man to fill the other much needed essential for happiness in life, love

Our relationship was a long distance love affair so I was visiting him in Melbourne quite regularly. Those trips were random and whenever we both had free time, which meant that sometimes, out of my control, I had to bring my period along with me. So romantic...not! And as per usual, living in a bachelor pad, there were never any bins in the toilet to dispose of my used tampons. Cue, awkward trip to the kitchen to try and dispose of my tampon without anyone seeing and hoping no one would accidentally stumble across it later on.

My paranoia, based around my disposal of my sanitary items at my boyfriend's house, led me to come up with a solution to my problem and this is where I found "my thing", Hush!

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