"I was always a flusher growing up, unfortunately that's what I was taught! But now I've found Hush. and I'm in love! They are very convenient, hygienic and much more environmentally friendly than flushing. I would recommend them to all women who want to make their special time of the month smooth, seamless and fun!" - Xan

"These bags are awesome! Super practical and very discreet. They have taken away any awkwardness in trying to get rid of pads while out and about. I love taking them to uni, friends houses, camping and travelling. No mess and no fuss!" - Laila

"So good! Perfect solution for when I visit my boyfriend and have my period. He never has a bin in the toilet. No more awkward bin runs. Thanks Hush." - Larissa

"It’s always tricky when you need to dispose of your tampon when you’re at a festival or at one of your guy friend’s house. Hush bags have made my life so much easier! Instead of having to discreetly wrap my tampon in toilet paper (which can get messy) the Hush bags zip seal and make for super easy disposal. The black packaging hides the tampon and any odours and you can keep it in your handbag until you find a bin. The compact packaging is also the perfect size to fit in your purse. I am very happy with his product, it’s saved me a lot of hassle...I would recommend it to any woman!" - Birralee

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