Introducing Hush.

The discreet and convenient way to dispose of your used sanitary items!

An essential for women on the go

Save our waterways & forget the flush!

Keep it Hush.

And keep on going, wherever life takes you!

Caring for our waterways

We're working to save our waterways, one bag at a time. Join us and forget the flush!

Made from recycled plastic

Our Hush. bags are made from recycled plastic and are 100% degradable.

100% Australian made & owned

We're a little start-up from Byron Bay. Our Hush. bags are made here in Australia!

Hush. How-To

Simply place used tampons, pads or condoms in bag. Close bag and place in nearest bin. If there's no bin handy, don't worry! The unique press seal ensures there is no leakage, so you can discreetly tuck it away for disposal later.
Save our waterways. Keep it Hush. Forget the flush.

Our Story

Hush. is a small business born in Byron Bay, specialising in convenient and eco-friendly women's sanitary products.

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What our customers say

These bags are awesome! Super practical and very discreet. They have taken away any awkwardness in trying to get rid of pads while out and about....No mess and no fuss!"


I was always a flusher growing up, unfortunately that's what I was taught! But now I've found Hush. and I'm in love! They are convenient, hygienic and much more environmentally friendly than flushing!"


So good! Perfect solution for when I visit my boyfriend and have my period. He never has a bin in the toilet. No more awkward bin runs. Thanks Hush."


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